A Brit Sings In Abu Dhabi

Elton’s Homo Hypocrisy?

No doubt Elton John‘s one of the world’s most visible, politically active gays. One can’t help but wonder, then, why the singer chose to perform in an anti-gay nation:

Sir Elton John has surprised fans by announcing he will play his first gig in the United Arab Emirates later this month. The flamboyantly gay star… will perform at an open-air concert in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel.

The decision could leave Sir Elton open to charges of hypocrisy, because of the UAE’s poor record on human rights.

Homosexuality is illegal: those convicted of it face jail sentences, or compulsary psychiatric ‘treatment’, including the injection of hormones designed to ‘cure’ them.

Repressive or not, the United Arab Emirate’s money’s still green. Wait, actually the dirham notes run on a rainbow spectrum. Hmmm…

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