Elvis’ Virile Degeneracy Has Left The Patent Office

“Metrosexual” daddy Mark Simpson wrote a 30th deathiversary eulogy for Elvis Presley. Summing up the King’s undying legacy, Simpson writes:

Elvis the Lover is also however the archetype of the post-war male ‘Pervert’. Radiantly narcissistic and dramatically unable to negotiate his Oedipus Complex, he is the prime idolatrous icon of a decadent, post-patriarchal age. Again, he may not have invented virile degeneracy (Clift, Brando and Dean, whom he also imitated, have a prior claim) but he patented it.

United States patents expire after twenty years. Elvis “sightings” aside, we’re pretty sure the legendary singer hasn’t been keeping it up. This means, of course, that anyone can claim the prize of America’s top “virile degenerate”.

Will it be you?