Emanuel Accepts Chief Job As Obama Transition Team Comes Out

It’s official. Congressman Rahm Emanuel has accepted President-elect Barack Obama‘s offer to be his chief of staff.

The chatter first began this morning after ABC News reported on the then-rumored job change, and picked up speed after Rahm’s office confirmed that Obama had extended his hand to Emanuel, an Illinois-based Congressman who previously worked in Bill Clinton’s White House as a top advisor. (He also worked on Clinton’s first presidential campaign.)

Well, now comes words that Emanuel has accepted the position. And he’s not the only one helping Obama prepare for the presidency:

In addition to the three people who will be running President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team — former White House chief of staff John Podesta, Obama family friend/businesswoman Valier Jarrett, and Obama campaign chief of staff Pete Rouse, as first reported by the New York Times — the Obama transition team will today announce some members of the transition team advisory board.

ABC News has learned that three of those members will be Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, former Clinton Transportation and Energy Secretary Federico Peña, and former Clinton Commerce Secretary William Daley.

There’s also now talk that Obama’s tapping Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.