Embroiled Blagojevich Pick Good for the Gays

Roland Burris, Gangsternor Rod Blagojevich’s pick to fill Barack Obama‘s Senate seat, is currently being banned from Congress while his appointer faces criminal charges. That’s bad news for the gays, as Burris has been a consistent proponent of gay rights and would be an asset on the Senate floor.

Rick Garcia, political director of LGBT-rights group Equality Illinois, praised Burris, saying that Burris has been supportive of gay rights throughout his political career and even sought out LGBT support for his possible nomination to the Senate seat as early as Nov. 4, the night of Obama’s election. According to Garcia, Burris approached him during the Grant Park celebrations, asking for the community’s support.

Garcia described Blagojevich’s appointment as “bittersweet,” going on to say that while “Roland Burris is highly competent and has an excellent record on lesbian and gay issues, anyone that this governor would appoint is tainted. Gov. Blagojevich could have appointed Mother Teresa and she would have been tainted.”