Emile Hirsch Video Depicts Man Who Crossdresses To Hook Up With His Straight Male Neighbor

Dating sites are tricky for gays and straights alike. Actor Emile Hirsch cranks up the irony for the video he directed for “Lucky Man,” a single by the band Koga. Ace Norton and Frankie Levangie star in a tale of a straight man who turns to the internet to find love but unwittingly answers an ad placed by his male neighbor who isn’t above cross-dressing (after a quick work out at Muscle Beach) when it comes time for the two to meet in person. This comes just days after Arcade Fire’s video featuring Andrew Garfield in drag. We love this trend.

Check it out below.

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  • michael mellor

    Why can’t it be 2 ordinary men falling in love? Why does one man need to put on make-up? Musicians are not comfortable with male homosexuality and nor are video directors.

  • NoelG

    @michael mellor: That is unfair. Perhaps this video is speaking toward trans and gender identity issues which also need to be addressed. Trans people are still much more discriminated against than gay people.

  • NoelG

    Also, Arcade Fire has released a new song/video called We Exist starring Andrew Garfield which makes an explicitly pro-trans statement.

  • michael mellor

    You don’t become trans by putting on lipstick. Lipstick is a surface thing and has nothing to do with the soul.

  • Billy Budd

    Guys, the gay hunk was just trying (failing miserably) to adapt to the other guy’s tastes. He is not a real trans in the video. He is a masculine gay guy who would try anything to get a good catch. It is humorous, not serious. Stop looking for trans issues, discrimination issues on everything. This video is just supposed to be funny. Have a lighter heart for crissakes.

  • jckfmsincty

    Emile, stick with acting.

  • Cam

    So in other words the video is saying that gays are liars and predators who will fake being a women because they are all SO desperate for straight men.

    Was this video directed 40 years ago?

  • DawnTrans

    I think I qualify as an expert opinion on this subject. As a trans woman who has been objectified by “hetero” men all my life, honestly guys its not about you!!!

    For the most part its self proclaimed hetero men who are turned on by we T girls. Most do not want post op woman because the object of their desire is whats between the legs and dangles.

    So fear not this video isnt aimed at your gay queens its aim at trans woman and their hetero admirers

  • Alan down in Florida

    I think you’re all missing the point. Our expectations are thwarted because it is the muscular, hairy he-man who winds up displaying a feminine side when the majority of us immediately assumed it would be the physically less masculine that would be the one to crossdress. This is about the assumptions we make about people based solely on their looks.

  • macrosilva

    I can honestly say as a CD and Female Impersonater. I have many more sexual experiences with men who will only date me if i am dressed. I live my life as a latin male in a corporate world. But at night i have a whole rolodex of trade who wants to see just her. Never the guy under the makeup. Its the third sex i say. We the best of both worlds.

  • Lvng1tor

    Honestly, I think his whole goal was to make a video that was semi salacious w/out being too offensive to any one group and would get people talking. Not for some deep gender identity conversation but as a selling tool. Because the video is purposely vague he gets to spin his reaction to public opinion and not answer to it. Brilliant move.

    However, If I showed up expecting to find some skinny lil blonde girl and that muscle dude in smeared lipstick and thirsty pink wig stood up. I’D RUN! Fast!

  • EdgarCarpenter

    Yes, some attempts at humor are awful, and can be insulting because of the intent or the beliefs that support it. But here, it doesn’t look like there’s any intent except to set up a foolish situation that shows how ridiculous our solutions to social challenges sometimes are. Ridiculous solutions sometimes succeed, but that doesn’t diminish their ridiculousness. This video is no more offensive than a Rube Goldberg cartoon, which it resembles in many ways.

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