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Eminem shares his Grindr photo, Grindr messages back

Grindr pulled an “I don’t know her” on Eminem after the rapper swapped out Tinder for Grindr in his version of the popular Dolly Parton Challenge.

Here’s Em’s tweet, showing the photos he could use as profile pics on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Grindr — the last of which is a 1999 David LaChapelle portrait of a nude Slim Shady gripping a suggestively placed stick of dynamite.

And here’s Grindr’s one-word clapback: “Who?”

Twitter users loved the diss, with multiple commenting, “Drag him.”

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This isn’t the “Lose Yourself” performer’s first run-in with Grindr: In a 2017 Vulture interview, he said he finds dates on both Tinder and Grindr, a claim his representative then had to walk back.

Anyway, Em’s history of homophobic lyrics is probably the reason Grindr has an ax to grind(r). He has dropped the f-word gay slur on many occasions, most recently in 2018 in reference to Tyler, the Creator.

“It’s astonishing, really, that after 30 years in the game Eminem, who began rapping when he was 14, still hasn’t found a new insult,” The Independent’s Roisin O’Connor observed at the time.

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In the same Vulture interview, however, the 15-time Grammy winner contended he doesn’t have a homophobic bone in his body:

So when I started getting flack for it, I thought, Alright, you people think I’m homophobic? Watch this. Hence the Ken Kaniff character and all that stuff. I was trying to push the buttons of people who were calling me something that I wasn’t. The honest-to-God truth is that none of that matters to me: I have no issue with someone’s sexuality, religion, race, none of that. Anyone who’s followed my music knows I’m against bullies — that’s why I hate that f*cking bully Trump.