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Emmanuel Macron got our attention with that topless photo, now let’s dive into his Instagram account

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron grabbed our attention this week when he posed topless for the cover the gay magazine Garcon.

The 39-year-old a pro-LGBTQ liberal is currently running neck and neck against Marine Le Pen, the antigay daughter of a Nazi sympathizer, in the race for president.

Seeing Macron sans his shirt definitely piqued our curiosity. So we decided to learn more about him by taking a deep dive into his Instagram account. Here’s what we gleaned…

He’s athletic:


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He likes to cook:

Nos jeunes apprentis ont du talent ! Moi, un peu moins pour mon premier éclair.

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He’s friends with the Dalai Lama:

J'ai vu le visage de la bienveillance.

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And Angela Merkel:

He loves animals:

He makes little old ladies laugh:

He understands the importance of staying hydrated:

Did we mention he loves animals?

He’s great with kids:

He knows how to party:

And he just loves animals:

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