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Emmderdale‘s Adam Thomas Lashes Out At Gay Fan For Interrupting McDonald’s Binge

Emmderdale star Adam Thomas was having a lovely meal of burgers and fries at the fine dining establishment the British call “McDonald’s” when a gay fan, who we’ll call Ricky Platts (because that’s his name) approached him to say how much he loved the show or something. That’s when Thomas — whose character Adam Barton recoiled in disgust when his friend Aaron tried to kiss him — responded, “Yeah, what about it gay boy?,” before beginning to jump up and down and calling Platts and his friend a pair of “queers.”

To be fair, the twosome were dressed in drag, and Thomas is clearly an observant fellow.

Thomas has already mounted his defense, releasing a statement: “I deeply apologise for my actions. I am horrified to realise that I have caused offence. As anyone who knows me will say, this is not what I’m about. I fully intend to apologise directly to the person concerned.”

I think a certain somebody owes a certain somebody a coupon for a free milkshake.