Homophobic Op-Ed Comes With Disclaimer

‘Emmerdale’ Gay Kiss Sparks Uncomfortable Op-Ed

British sudster Emmerdale‘s making waves with a new gay storyline. And some fans are bent out of shape:

To the politically correct brigade I would like to point out I am neither a bigot, nor am I anti-gay, and I believe that what people do in private is their own affair, however you will note that the word I use is PRIVATE.

People in general do not wish to see two grown men kissing and cuddling and discussing their sex life.

…It is very irresponsible towards younger viewers, especially with the gay love triangle issue, where the three characters involved bed-hop from one homosexual lover to another, and then back to their respective partners/wives. What kind of message is this sending out?

It’s sending out a realistic message of acceptance or, at the very least, tolerance. And apparently not everyone’s picking up what the show’s laying down.