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Emmys Prep Gay Showdown In Comedic Actor Category

Sure, Glee may have scored an impressive 19 nominations, but we’re most excited to see the show’s Chris Colfer battle How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris for the Outstanding Actor In a Comedy category. And one of them better win instead of that Tony Shalhoub, who wins every freakin’ year. Meanwhile, Jane Lynch scored a nom for Outstanding Actress, and RuPaul was de-nied! a nom for Outstanding Reality Show Host. Boo? Hiss?

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  • george

    Out gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson is nominated in the category too! And his onscreen love Eric Stonestreet who is straight but plays gay VERY well.

  • Rob

    Neil and Chris are supporting actors, so they’re not up against Shalhoub.

  • Qjersey

    @Rob: accuracy and queerty, surely you gest.

  • kaya

    Its time Neil win. he have been nominated 4 years and NEVER won.
    (he has gone ahead and shown the way for many young gay actors)

    but most of all he has show us his talent all over the place in many years now. He has work his ass off so No one deserves it more than he . He better win!

    About Glee – not that good that they deserved 19 nom.

  • Chuck

    I am so happy for Chris Colfer! He is my choice for gay icon of the new generation, Lady Gaga excepted of course. Chris is sweet, talented, and hot.

    He is also brave and never really lied about himself like Sean Hayes, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, etc. during the run of his show.

    Chris gives me hope for the future.

    LOVE him.

  • hannah

    @Chuck: Yes, Ricky Martin and Sean Hayes kept their sexuality a secret, but they grew up in a time where coming out could very well be the end of your career. Ellen lost her sitcom after she came out. I don’t blame either Martin or Hayes for making their choice. Chris is a fine young actor. I am glad he came out early in his career. He is fortunate to have so many role models and an era of LGBT representation on television. Granted, coming out may still affect his career, but he has a strong chance to have long a happy career in the television industry.

  • Edfu

    Colfer, Harris, Ferguson, and Stonestreet (the latter two from “A Modern Family”) are ALL nominated in the same category, and it’s Oustanding SUPPORTING Actor in a Comedy. (The other two noms in the category are Ty Burrell, from “A Modern Family,” and Jon Cryer, from “Two and Half Men.”)

    Further research is required, but with Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s and Eric Stonestreet’s nominations, this may be the first time that a pair of (fictional) gay lovers have been nominated in any category.

    Queerty got Jane Lynch’s category wrong as well. She has been nominated for Outstanding SUPPORTING Actress in a Comedy for “Glee.” And Queerty failed to note that Jane Lynch has been nominated for a SECOND Emmy in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy, for “Two and a Half Men.”


    Am hoping the episode Glee submitted for Chris is the one where he comes out to his Father. That was such a great moment. After Kurt comes out his father replies “I knew you were Gay since you were three, and asked for proper shoes” :-p

    Then when Kurt joins the football team and approaches the Coach and states “I am auditioning for the role of kicker”…….After all the others begin smirking he makes an incredible kick, one of them drops the ball as other jaws drop. Then when comes time to enter the game he approaches the ball and his Father in the stands looks and says with concern “He’s so little” right before Kurt makes the winning kick….TVs at its best….

    Gots my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed the voters follow up the Gaynominations with some actual wins. Although they are known to reward the same shows and actors over and over and over again……..Like Amazing Race winning reality show for like 6 years in a row…….


    Queerty: What word got auto flagged??????????

  • Zach

    Isn’t Jim Parsons gay as well? I doubt he’ll win, but maybe he can make Queerty’s inaccurate subject line… less inaccurate?

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