Keep on keeping on

This empowering chat between two bottoms on Grindr will restore your faith in humanity

Too often Grindr can feel like a battlefield where men tear one another down instead of lift one another up. Occasionally, however, good things do happen on that little orange grid.

An empowering chat between two bottoms on Grindr has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Twitter user @dps_moira recently shared a screenshot of the conversation along with the caption, “I really hope he is doing OK.”

The discourse went as follows:

Bottom #1: Hi. Are you a top?

Bottom #2: No, sorry.

Bottom #1: Never, never ever apologize for being yourself. That’s how the straights kept us down for a hundred years.

The tweet quickly went viral, receiving almost 100K likes and 17K retweets. Evidently, Bottom #1’s message of encouragement and staying true to oneself was just what the world needed to hear right now.

And now, the responses…

We hope both of these bottoms found their tops, and that they all live happily ever after.

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