End Of An Era: Gay.Com Chat Rooms Are No More As Of Today


It’s the end of an era., the once thriving website that catered to gay men looking to hookup, is under new management as of today and some pretty big changes are underway.

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Gay men of the late ’90s and early ’00s surely remember hours (and hours) spent glued to at their desktop computers hopping from chat room to chat room messaging guys, scanning photos, then sending them alias email addresses. It was the original Grindr.

Well now, according to the site’s FAQ page, those iconic chatrooms will “disappear”  as of August 1, 2016.

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“All the personal information you provided in your profile, including pictures and stories, will be permanently deleted,” the page continues. “Unfortunately, you will not able to retrieve any of your old information. … The dating website as you know it, will not be coming back.”

Honestly, we haven’t logged onto in probably about a decade, maybe longer. In fact, we don’t even remember our usernames or passwords anymore. But it’s still sad to think that all those guys we had once favorited and all those chats records we had saved will cease to exist.

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What are some of your best (and worse) memories? Share them in the comments section below…