Plus: Nancy Pelosi On Faded American Dreams!


The Employment Non-Discrimination Act continues to evolve down in Washington.

Due to a lack of votes, representative Barney Frank decided to split the once comprehensive equal rights bill into two distinct parts. The Advocate tells us more:

The ENDA bill without trans-inclusion will be marked up by the chamber’s Education and Labor Committee next Tuesday so that it can be sent it to the House floor for a vote, Steven Adamske, a spokesperson for Rep. Frank, told The Advocate.

“The other one, GENDA if you will, will move on a separate track and will give the ability for the committee and other lawmakers to hold hearings on it and better educate other lawmakers,” Adamske added.

GENDA – cute. – will reportedly be nearly identical to ENDA, but will include more in-depth look at potential shower and bathroom discrimination.

HRC has not yet released a statement. Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, however, did have something to say. Gist: She supports equality for all, but trans rights squash too many “yay” votes, so those citizens can just cool their jets. It’s an understandable argument, but aren’t politicians supposed to be persuasive? Why don’t they work their magic on their peers? Just asking…

From the desk of Nancy P:

For my 20 years in Congress, ending discrimination against gays and lesbians has been a top priority of mine. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA, sponsored by Congressman Barney Frank, is an historic advancement for gays and lesbians and their families. I am proud to be the first Speaker to bring this legislation to the House floor, which was first introduced in 1994.

While I personally favor legislation that would include gender identity, the new ENDA legislation proposed by Congressman Frank has the best prospects for success on the House floor.

I will continue to push for legislation, including language on gender identity, to expand and make our laws more reflective of the diverse society in which we live.