ENDA Introduced In House With 92 Fewer Co-Sponsors. HRC Says That’s No Big Deal

As expected today some 111 co-sponsors introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the House, down 92 names from the 203 co-sponsors the last Congress mustered. You know, cuz of all the Republicans … except they only secured 70 seats, which means a casualty of 23 Democratic supporters? Something like that. Have fun kicking this one around, everyone. Especially you, Human Rights Campaign! Because according to the group’s chief flack Fred Sainz (pictured), “I wouldn’t measure success by the number of co-sponsors alone but by the amount of education and outreach we do to members.” And that education and outreach is performed to, what, not get the numbers? How the hell else do you measure the success of a bill if not by the number of votes it can secure? You’re miserable, Sainz. It’s as if you and your Gay Inc. cronies want to spend another decade “lobbying” for LGBT protections. Oh, wait.