"Fluid" or Something A Bit More Solid?

ENDA Vote Delayed

Looks like we’ve still got a little more time to fight for the trans-inclusive amendment:

An anonymous source in Washington, DC, close to the legislative battles over the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and inclusion of “gender identity” in the bill, has told PageOneQ that tomorrow’s scheduled vote on the bill has been delayed.

Originally expected to be voted upon as early as tomorrow morning, a vote on the rule for the bill by the Rules Committee, a process necessary to move the bill to the House floor, has been postponed until the committee meets at 2pm ET tomorrow. An earlier meeting of the committee was canceled.

“The vote on the bill could be next week or this week,” David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign told PageOneQ. “It’s all very fluid.”

Fluidity isn’t really something one looks for when dealing with civil rights.