Pols Rehashing Discrimination Bill, Hope To Include Trans

ENDA Vote Put Off For Reconsideration

There may be an end to the ENDA/GENDA nightmare. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Barney Frank and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin issued the following statement yesterday afternoon:

After discussions with congressional leaders and organizations supporting passage of ENDA, we have agreed to schedule mark-up of the bill in the Committee on Education and Labor later this month, followed by a vote in the full House. This schedule will allow proponents of the legislation to continue their discussions with Members in the interest of passing the broadest possible bill.

Hearing the calls of equality seeking queers, these politicos seem willing to merge ENDA and GENDA – their recently redrawn trans rights bill – back into one law.

Of the development, Task Force director Matt Foreman – who led a call against the proposed legislative split – said:

In this defining and morally transformative moment, our community has come together in an unprecedented way and said once and for all that we will leave no part of our community behind. We appreciate that a decision has been made to slow down this process, and we look forward to working with Congress over the upcoming weeks to educate them as to why this substitute bill strategy is seriously flawed, convince them to abandon this strategy, and instead advance a fully inclusive ENDA later this month.”

Obviously we here at Queerty couldn’t be happier. And, to be honest, we’re astonished our representatives actually listened and refused to abandon our trans allies.

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