Engaged Politician Admits To Hooking Up With Guys, At Center Of Sexting Scandal

MoedMove over Anthony Wiener, there’s a new serial sexter in town.

Newly obtained text messages written by Democratic Indiana state Rep. Justin Moed have surfaced online and they will no doubt have a damning affect on the young politician’s budding career, and perhaps his relationship with his future wife, as well. (Moed is engaged to be married to a woman later this year. Or at least he was before this scandal broke.)

Adult film actress and longtime aspiring college graduate Sydney Leathers, the same woman who exposed Anthony Weiner in his sexting scandal a few years ago, obtained the explicit texts, some of which include naked photos of Moed’s bare butt. We can’t show the photos here (we’re a family site, after all!), but you can check them out at

It all started when Moed, using the screen name “Bitch Boy,” responded to an ad Leathers posted online seeking a submissive man she could “financially dominate.” The two got to chatting.

Moed told Leather he wanted to dress up in a French maid’s outfit and clean Leathers’ house, buy a strap-on for her to use on him, and be tied up in a closet and listen while Leathers had sex with her boyfriend.

But wait. It gets even more scandalous.

Moed also went into graphic detail about his sexual escapades with other men. He confessed to having an ongoing carnal relationship with a man in Indianapolis. He also said he has a special fondness for “big black cock.” Oh, and he’s a bottom.

“I sucked him,” Moed wrote about the affair. “He f-cked me. We hooked up several times. He was very dominant.”

“People say I have a charm and a naughty intrigue about me,” he added.

After the scandal broke, Moed released the following statement:

I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgement. i am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. I am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. This is a private matter and I ask for it to be treated as such. I apologize to my constituents and to everyone I have let down.

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