Enjoy Your Marriage Equality Now, Because It Could Vanish (Temporarily)

flag_kentuckyWe can hardly believe our eyes when we looked at the news all weekend: marriage equality in Arkansas? It’s incredible, it’s beautiful, it’s probably only temporary. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but with the state cruelly appealing the ruling, we’d be shocked if a court didn’t step in to say, “uh, could you guys please not do that yet?”

Arkansas could force clerks to stop issuing licenses, but of course we’ll be victorious in the end. Marriage equality has been on a winning streak in the courts for the last few years, as well as in polling and in legislatures. So, antigay politicians can try to put off the inevitable for a while, but in the end the good guys will win.

Speaking of good guys, take a look at what’s happening in Kentucky: Attorney General Jack Conway is running for Governor, which is fabulous news. He would replace the current crook, Steve Beshear, who just filed an appeal of a pro-equality ruling. Among Beshear’s reasons for defending Kentucky’s marriage ban: he claims that marriage equality would decrease birth rates. We’re really looking forward to that particular oral argument.

In contrast, as Attorney General, Jack Conway refused to appeal that pro-equality ruling, pointing out that the marriage ban violates the US Constitution. That’s how Beshear wound up having to (poorly) defend the law alone.

And we still haven’t even scraped the surface of marriage equality headlines. Keep an eye on Virginia and Idaho and Pennsylvania: we have oral arguments in VA and PA this week, and a ruling due any minute in ID.

Meanwhile, Freedom to Marry is running heartwarming new ads in two crucial states: Oklahoma and Utah. Both states are in the sixth circuit, where appellate judges are currently considering an appeal of two separate pro-equality federal rulings. These lovely TV ads are clearly targeted at creating a climate that’s friendly to preserving equality.