Enraged Reviewer Calls Little Britain Video Game “Irredeemably awful”

We’ve never understood the concept of video games based on television shows. We saw a commercial for the Desperate Housewives game and were confused for weeks.

While the sudster’s virtual conversion perplexed us, it seems the Little Britain‘s computerized incarnation’s pissed off Eurogamer’s James Lyon. He describes the digital diversion thus:

Irredeemably awful. It’s an affront to licensed videogames. It’s a title that needs to be placed in a trebuchet and slung directly into the heart of the Daily Mail in order to teach them a thing or two on what kind of vile game they should really be campaigning against.

Well, good thing we never planned on playing it.

In fact, we probably wouldn’t have even covered it had our sources over GayGamer not provided us with this image of gay actor Matt Lucas’ Vicky Pollard doing some sort of fart-fueled skate trick. Seriously, we haven’t seen anything that good since those John Roberts videos.