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Entertainment Press Finally Ready to Acknowledge Adam Lambert Might Be a ‘Mo


By now you better know what happened on American Idol last night. That last remaining girl got sent home, leaving us with three dudes left, including Adam Lambert. He’s a big deal!, apparently. People send him gifts! Entertainment Weekly slaps him on the cover! (With secondary coverline “And Not Just Because He Might Be Gay. The feature likely happened with the blessing of Idol‘s press folks, meaning they’re just fine promoting the frontrunner by himself.) And of course, his Twitter spectators are ablaze!

• “Dreamt I was in a mental institution with an evil nurse. Got to make out with Adam Lambert for a very long time. Someone lock me up!” —kuenzi

• “Small world…just found out that Idol’s Adam Lambert and I went to the same elementary school.” —CindyWrightson

• “Now that Adam Lambert has made it this far, I reallyhope he pulls out a crazy Zodiac Show number next week. Let your freak flag fly, buddy!” —CReust

• “Wishing Alison was not eliminated last night on Idol… At least Adam Lambert was not eliminated.” —cliffboyrob