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Entire Aisles For Men’s Grooming Products Now Appearing In Non-Gayborhoods

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It’s called the “Men’s Zone,” and it’s a whole aisle dedicated to male grooming products (shave creams! shampoos! deodorant! nose hair clippers, maybe!) at the H-E-B grocery store in the Texas city of Schertz, northeast of San Antonio. Shoppers will find “more than 530 grooming products, including razors that sculpt beards, two shelves stocked with rinses to color gray hair, at least 15 body washes with names such as Swagger and Komodo, lotions that promise to smooth wrinkles, sprays to mask body odors, and eye roller gel to lighten dark circles.” It sounds like the whole thing is the brainchild Procter & Gamble, the parent of Gillette, the company that makes you choose between putting food on the table and having a clean shave, which is “quietly testing” the concept “at stores around the world.” You would’ve thought something like this would’ve debuted back in the aughts, when metrosexuality was having its moment. But P&G, along with the Walgreens-owned Duane Reed and even Target, think the time is right for men to be afforded the same plethora of cleansers and clippers as ladies. NB: The H-E-B shop featured in the video is just a couple clicks away from the Randolph Air Force Base, where manly men need more options to keep the grays away.