National disgrace

The entire Internet is pissed at Melania Trump for ruining Easter at the White House

Outrage. Despair. Total disappointment. Heartbreak.

These are just a few of the emotions people across the country are feeling after news broke that first lady Melania Trump hadn’t bothered… or maybe she’d forgotten?… or maybe she felt too overwhelmed?… or tired? …to plan the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll, a nearly 140-year-old American tradition.

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Since 1878, the first lady has always hosted the spring celebration, which attracts upwards of 35,000 people, including local schoolchildren, military families, Congressional guests, and members of the general public.

This year, however, will be different. Apparently, Mrs. Trump failed the do any of the necessary planning, so the event is being scaled down bigly. 

Like, in half. 

Instead of 37,000 attendees like last year, the White House is only expecting about 20,000. There won’t be any souvenir Easter eggs (the first lady missed the manufacturer’s deadline), nor will there be any costumed Seasame Street characters (the first lady didn’t get her request in to PBS Kids on time) or celebrity guests (nobody wants to attend).

Rumor has is, Donald Trump himself isn’t even planning on being there. (Apparently he has previous plans to go to Mar-a-Lago.) It’s also not totally clear if Melania will be there.

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Naturally, folks aren’t happy about this. Sure, it may just be a silly Easter Egg Roll. But it’s a 138-year American tradition that has been honored by every administration since President Hayes!

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