Episc. Bishop Flip-Flops By Apologizing for Flip-Flopping

The Episcopal Church may not be in the best standing with the Anglican Communion, but that didn’t stop Louisville’s Bishop Ted Gulick from trying to increase his personal standing by expressing regret over his past votes. Speaking to his congregation, Gulick pledged his support to gay worshippers, saying:

I hereby publicly and deliberately apologize to our devoted gay and lesbian men and woman in our diocese for whom this (latest) vote causes pain and alienation… I know you to be my sisters and brothers in Christ. I thank you for your patience and forbearance with the church in this season.

This isn’t the first time Gulick’s gone back on a previous vote: he apologized to conservatives after voting for the openly gay Gene Robinson’s officiation back in 2004. To make up for it, he voted against ordaining any more gay bishops – the decision for which he’s now apologized.

We can’t wait to see how he makes up for this one.