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  • NoeJoe

    What … a WOMAN! and on top of that … she’s GAY! But … but … doesn’t the Bible say …. Lawd, oh Lawd … what is this World coming to? We knew this was coming the minute women were given the right to vote. My congratulations to Mary Glasspool, L.A.’s diocese new assistant bishop! You go girl!

  • DR


    slowly but surely things are a changin’

  • Frank

    Allahu Akbar!

  • axos

    Great news. Will the world actually become civilized?

  • Neanderthal75

    The dichotomy between those who believe in Sola Scriptura and those who do not, within a Church organizational context, is still ongoing and will continue, until the Separation is complete.

    Oddly enough, this is a really good thing in the long run, because greater clarity will be had and a clear choice presented for honest individuals interested in biblical doctrine.

    Free Will is inherent within the paradigm of Free Choice: subjective declarations previously being masked as ‘honest’ and ‘forthright’ debate will no longer be possible as the Separation continues.

    A person may well desire to believe that a Pet Rock is God, but no amount of subjective belief will change the empirical evidence to the contrary.

    Let those desiring reasonable argumentation succeed; let those professing hatred against individuals of the opposing side (using terms such as ‘breeders’ or ‘faggots’) be confronted for engaging in Personal Attacks, rather than engaging in a legitimate discussion.


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