"I Think We Have Offered Assurances," Says Robinson

Episcopalians Restrain Themselves On Gays

The Episcopalians have spoken! As we mentioned in yesterday’s Happy Endings, the American Anglicans finally voted on the “gay issue”.

After years of internal debate, which began with the 2003 consecration of openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson, the Church will exercise “restraint” in officiating gay clergy.

The Americans also promise,

[We will] not to authorize or use in our dioceses any public rites of blessing of same-sex unions until a broader consensus emerges in the Communion or until (the) General Convention takes further action.

That action won’t come until 2009, when the gang gets together for their next convention.

American Archbishop Katharine Schori promises the issue will return the table.

I have no doubt that the General Convention (in 2009) will revisit these issues. This resolution really is the result of finding common ground to stand on. Not everyone was 100-percent happy with every word in this document, as you might imagine. But together we believe that we have found a place that all of us can stand together.

Gene Robinson, meanwhile, had this to say:

We have been a bit clearer about what we have done. I think we have offered assurances to the (global communion) who by the way have been, I believe, destabilized by misinformation coming their way.

Hopefully the American decision will hold of anti-gay Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola, who has eyes on churches stateside.