Episcs. Must Repent For Gay Sin, Says Kenyan Archbisop

Kenya’s Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi ain’t feeling the Episcopal Church’s queer compromise.

The American branch of the Anglican Communion voted yesterday to “restrain” itself from ordaining any more gay clergy, as it did with Gene Robinson’s 2003 consecration. Nzimbi refuses to accept the Episcopal position:

That word ‘halt’ is not enough… What we expected to come from them is to repent – that this is a sin in the eyes of the Lord and repentance is what me, in particular, and others expected to hear coming from this church.

What this situation has brought to the fore is the malaise – something much deeper – that the entire communion has not dealt with and the consecration of Bishop Gene really brought to the surface something that was there. It is not the same church because it’s broken on very fundamental lines.

Of course Nzimbi doesn’t think the Americans did enough, he’s helping Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola set up shop stateside.