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Equality California + ACLU Turned Over Their Prop 8 Docs So Olson + Boies Would Hate Them Less


After initially refusing to turn over their internal documents the same way Protect Marriage — an actual defendant in Perry v. Schwarzenegger — had to, Geoff Kors’ Equality California and the ACLU of Northern California (not actual plaintiffs) late last week finally caved to January’s demand and submitted their papers so the Yes On 8 team could have a look-see at their “highly confidential” Excel spreadsheets and Outlook emails. Why give in without extending their already drawn out legal fight? Well, there was Judge Vaughn Walker’s threat of a $2,000-a-day contempt of court fine. But mostly because EQCA and the ACLU, already viewed with contempt (see what we did there?) by the real plaintiffs represented by Ted Olson and David Boies, could have held up this summer’s expected ruling on the constitutionality of Prop 8, and thus further gotten in the way of what’s already expected to be a years-long legal battle.

So EQCA and the ACLU gave up their papers — and submitted them via CD-R. What, does nobody have a USB flash drive up in these parts? We hear there are these cool new things called “floppy disks” they could’ve tried.