Equality California Director Steps Down After A Whopping Three Months

Days after Equality California announced that it would not challenge Prop 8 at the ballot box, their director Roland Palencia announced his plans to step down. He served just three months on the job. Really? Three months? The last director Geoff Kors served for nine years.

When asked why he’s stepping down, Palencia gave the following non-answer:

“I want to make sure that everyone supports the organization. This is the time for all of us to rally and support Equality California. I have seen how this organization literally changes lives. It is a community asset and we have to keep our eye on the prize.”

Right… so… we guess he couldn’t see everyone supporting the organization with him at the helm? Makes you wonder what the eff is going on over at EQ CA.

Image via Rex Wockner

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  • the crustybastard

    Palencia was a weak, gutless and pathetic excuse for a leader. I harbor no doubt the EQCA board recognized his intolerable deficiencies and chose to force his prompt resignation. Good riddance.

  • Mark Snyder

    I appreciated how Palencia always made connections among our struggles such as issues of race, economic justice, health care issues, and so on.

  • Cam

    This is what happens when the community finally starts demanding RESULTS from their organizations….

    This guy is out, and Joe Solomnase is leaving HRC.

  • Skeloric

    It seems that too much of the GLBT political /lobbying culture has descended to being insufferably conciliatory and passive when it comes to the Extreme Wingnuts out there.
    We need another Stonewall moment to revitalize ourselves it seems —
    hopefully it happens in time to prevent us from losing all the progress we’ve made DESPITE those very same GLBT lobbying groups that we should have been able to rely upon.

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