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Equality California’s Favorite Gay Advocate Blogger Is Sharing Miley Cyrus’ Underage Vagina

Last month Equality California told longtime gay activist Dustin Lance Black he shouldn’t attend a private Harvey Milk Day party at Sharon Osbourne’s home because Perez Hilton, the Internet stain, would be attending, and those two aren’t on very good terms. This celebrated “gay activist,” who should be criticized by GLAAD more often than he’s lauded by Gay Inc., just posted upskirt photos of Miley Cyrus without any underwear on. Miley Cyrus is 17-years-old.

The most basic rules of child pornogrpahy laws stipulate it is a crime to manufacture, possess, or distribute X-rated media in a sexual manner of persons under 18. Mr. Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira, did just that this morning via Twitter: “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here http://i46.tinypic.com/2zre4pv.jpg Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!” Also: If you are easily fearful of running afoul of federal law, do NOT click here.

While the current debate about “harmless” transmission of underage photos revolves around teen sexting, let’s be very clear: what the blogger did is not the same thing. He is a 32-year-old adult man with reported millions of daily followers, and untold numbers of them are tweenage and teenage girls — now being told by a reprehensible gay man that their unprotected underage genitals are fair game on the Internet.

They are not. And no matter what you think about Miley Cyrus — nor how sexualized she and her handlers make her — neither are hers. Mr. Hilton has a well-documented hatefest going on with Ms. Cyrus, but this is inexcusable.

Salon raises the possibility the photo may have been Photoshopped, but censored versions of the photo posted online suggest otherwise. (I haven’t seen the uncensored version, nor do I care to, so I can’t weigh in with any first-hand knowledge.) But criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Douglas explains that even if the photo is a fake, it’s still child porn to promote it. And thus, a crime may have been committed today by a well-known gay man, and he should be held accountable.

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  • Chris


    You guys at Queerty are just one more of the MANY, MANY, MANY news outlets reporting that the photos depicted Miley sans-panties. If you do a little bit of actual research (I realize those words are foreign to most reporters these days) you’ll easily learn that she is, in fact wearing panties. In that one photo it looks like she is not (which is probably why sleazebag Perez chose that one to post) but the other photos from that same shoot clearly show that she is wearing panties.

    So, sorry to burst your little voyeuristic schadenfreude bubble, but as slimy and despicable as Perez is, child pornographer he is not. At least, not based on that particular photo.

    Trust me, I’m not offended by you attacking Perez. I’m offended by the total lack of journalism offered by ANY of the outlets covering this story today. It took me exactly one Google search and less than two minutes to learn the truth for myself. That doesn’t seem a lot to ask.


  • jamison

    lets hold off on all the hate you guys are dying to spew about the parties involved in this story, the whole situation is truly unfortunate: how miley cyrus had already sexualized herself so much in the media, and that gossip sites’ (and basically society) interest in trash like this only makes things worse.

    best case scenario: this could be a publicity stunt. the photos could be photoshopped, or could possibly be less revealing than we think.

    worst case scenario: well, perez posted a pornographic picture of a minor for 2 million people on twitter.

  • Tara

    Fuck that, wrong is wrong, and yeah, that is wrong. Then again to be fair I think he is a sensationalized twat and should go away.

  • Shaun

    What the fuck is up with Perez Hilton?

  • Jeff

    ^^I think Miley Cyrus is a sensationalized twat that should go away. Remember, if we ignore them, then they’ll both go away for good.


    @Jeff: Miley Cyrus is a 17yo mega star (hey,shit happens) a whole lotta tweens that hang on her every word. She has come out in favor of Gay marriage, and has said how “cool” Gay teens are and how great it is to have one as your Best Friend. I would kinda sorta prefer someone like her doesn’t go away and actually hangs around for a long while……..………

  • jamison

    @Chris: even if the photo posted was photoshopped perez will still go to jail for posting the face of a minor on that body. so either way thing don’t look good for him.

  • Michael

    As much as I despise Miley as an artist, I must say that I completely agree with @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS.

    She’s popular…no doubt. She’s a good ally to have

    -even if she sucks. :-P teehee

  • Cam

    Again, whatever my thoughts on how Miley Dresses or carries herself. She is a teen star with a massive middle america Audience, and she came out in favor of gay marriage. The girl gets a major pass from me.

    As for Hilton, I didn’t realize his site put up anything other than whatever press releases he is sent by c list celebs agents and whatever latest crappy singer he was trying to promote.

  • Rock

    Perez made a mistake, but Miley Cyrus is not a child and it’s ridiculous to call such pictures child pornography.

  • Casey

    Let’s all hope that this embarrassment to gay men everywhere, one of the most hated gay men in America, will finally spend time in jail. Let’s hope that we never hear from him again. Let’s hope…..

  • Pira

    @Jeff: and now Perez has sensationalized her twat! Funny how that works out…

    Miley is really pushing the sexual angle here, and it’s creepy because she’s underage. After this, I don’t think there’s any going back for her, even if it was Photoshopped. As for Perez, this probably isn’t going to turn out well for him, even if he doesn’t get charged he’s going to have the reputation as a creepy pervert hanging over his head.

  • Sal

    Isn’t Miley Cyrus the one who was dating a 20yo when she was 15? Nobody seemed to care then that she was acting like an adult nor did the question her 20yo boyfriend.

    Still, what Perez did was wrong.

  • jason

    Just because a person says they’re for gay marriage, it doesn’t mean that everything else they say or do is OK. Learn to distinguish. A lot of you gays have a cultist devotion to anyone who claims to be for gay rights, and you don’t really think about the other aspects of the person.

    If Adolf Hitler said he was for gay marriage, you’d probably laud him as the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Evan

    Jason, you’re comparing a 17-year-old pop music star to Adolf Hitler?

  • jason

    @Evan: I poo-pooed in my diapers!

  • jason


    Er, no, but I’m simply illustrating the scary narrow-mindedness of the gay community. There is undoubtedly a cult-like quality to the gay community in how it lauds any person who states support for gays.

    What if the person is an axe-murderer?

  • Evan

    How exactly is harmless (if perhaps slightly ill-advised) adolescent behaviour in any way like axe-murdering? Because the former is the worst thing Miley Cyrus has been accused of.

    (Well, that and some less than outstanding music. But that’s a matter of taste, and I don’t think any sane person believes we should disavow political allies because we don’t like their art.)

  • ossurworld

    Perez Hilton is Queerty’s pinup girl.

  • IDontUnderstand

    MIley is a whore and Perez scum.

  • Hilarious

    Whatever it takes to get rid of Perez.

    I don’t care, he did it to himself, so good riddance.

    That said I thought pedos favorite line was “It’s not child porn if the person is a teen.” or some shit like that. There’s also the whole age of consent thing.

    I dunno I don’t follow this type of shit but whatever I’ll enjoy the fall of Perez if it happens. He’s the gay “man” everyone should hate. Making a career of witch hunting other gay men is just despicable.

  • JJ

    Geez, what a poorly written article, regardless of the content!

  • Bee

    Why does Perez Hilton think we need more proof he’s a lowlife? We. Get. It. Perez.

    Even with nude pics, Dustin Lance Black is still a twice the human being then Perez will ever be. What Perez? You think you’re going to get an Oscar for most backstabbing parasite?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Bee: “You think you’re going to get an Oscar for most backstabbing parasite?

    “I thought All About Eve swept the Oscars. :D

    Seriously, Perez Hilton is scum. The guy called Will.i.am a faggot because he — just barely — talked himself out of calling him a nigger. On what planet is that acceptable, besides Planet Douchebag?

    Miley Cyrus is a tool of a company that seems to be single-mindedly devoted to driving those with 12-year-old sisters or daughters up the wall; her daddy recorded one of the most irritating songs of the last 20 years, “Achy Breaky Heart”.

    At least Annette left it to your imagination.

    Nobody cares. I’m just amused by the irony that a gay man (whom I honestly wish was not) is facing child porn charges over a female.

  • Bjork

    This is all crafted much like 9/11… bad publicity is still publicity as Ms. Hilton adviced, now Mr. Hilton took it upon the heart, and the media like the $$ greedy clowns they are felt into the trap instantly! They are so well trained much better than my lousy dog I had to train with electric shocks. Journalism is dead in America, is now all corporate, brain is vanishing quickly as well.. they are all incorporated now.. go find independent media now that is schocking! Gay people I thought you were smarter though as history has proven, grow thick skin and guts and brains oh please already! Don’t let them control you, you oughta control them NOW!

  • contessa walls/joker

    people people people miley is human just like the rest of us and she is teen now im 14 and i understand whats going here ive seen so many crazy things and this is the least of crazy so im just going to say this right now miley is a teen,long hair.pretty,smart,but look at that first word teen the word every one is talking about stop looking at her fame for one second dont you see she is a teen we are the young generation we are going to make some mistakes in life so give her a brake.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox DONT JUDGE MILEY PROTEST!!!

  • contessa walls/joker

    ok bee do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a bottle of clue from the store.The dude deserves what he is getting he did what he did no matter if your judging him in a good way or a bad way he is a guy and she is a girl so he did wrong and he is paying for it.the bottle of clue only cost $brains xoxoxoxoxox lol

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