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Equality California’s Geoff Kors Is Out The Door

Geoff Kors, Equality California’s executive director, is signing off after spending nine years in the post. Here, Kors attempts to draft one version of his legacy — where, under his tenure, EQCA pushed drawers full of pro-LGBT projects through the legislature — though unarguably there are plenty of others who would put forth a different version. Something about fumbling to block Prop 8?

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  • B

    In one of QUEERTY’s previous articles ( http://www.queerty.com/geoff-kors-the-queerty-interview-20081218/ ) QUEERTY stated, “As Kors explains in the interview, his allocated responsibility was fundraising and by that measure he and Equality California were successful. What remains troubling is that even as a member of the executive committee, Kors had little hard knowledge of what was going on in the campaign as it was going on. The collective decision by the executive committee to cede vast authority to professional campaign operatives proved to be a tactical error– and Kors knew it. When the professionally-hired fundraisers failed to meet expectations, Equality California stepped up with their own fundraising effort, which ultimately proved far more successful. That the same oversight wasn’t extended to the rest of the No on 8 effort is one of the great missed opportunities in the battle for marriage equality.”

    Before trying to place the blame solely on Mr. Kors, as some have, it is worth keeping in mind that fund raising was probably an 80 hour per week job by itself once the campaign got going.

  • Frederick

    Best of luck to Mr. Kors in future endeavors!

  • Patsy Stoned

    EQCA failed massively. Where did all that fundraising cash go? Not proper outreach. Not proper polling. Not on actually keeping the odious prop 8 from fucking passing! I thoroughly regret donating to them, and I never, ever will again. On the upside, I know Mr. Kors name, and I will never donate to any organization that he is involved with.

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