Equality California’s SB 48 New Ad Against Tony Perkins Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough

Equality California just made a video going after the Family Research Council for spreading lies about California’s Fair Education Act, a law which would include LGBT figures in social studies classes. The video starts and ends great, but the minute and a half in between is pretty weak, and that’s a bad thing.

The video starts by calling the Family Research Council what it is—”a hate group with ties to the KKK.” And it ends strong with a clear, succinct explanation of the California bill. In short, the social studies classes will incorporate parental input to develop an “age-appropriate” curriculum that includes the disabled, people-of-color, and LGBTs. That’s a great way to clear up the “indoctrination” propaganda spread by the FRC, the National Organization for Marriage, and the American Family Association against the bill.

But in the minute and a half between the start and the finish, they repeatedly superimpose the word “LIES” on Perkins again and again—as if repeatedly calling someone a liar makes it so—instead of explaining the truth behind his lies or repeatedly linking him to his history of horrendous anti-gay, anti-Muslim, and misogynist statements.

We definitely need attack ads that demonize our already monstrous enemies, but while we have people’s attention, we need to do much more than just call our opponents liars.

Thank goodness that election day is far away and that ads like this are cheap to produce. That means that Equality California and others will have plenty of opportunities to show voters just who wants to erase queers from the history books.

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  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole.

  • Travis Maguire

    Bearing false witness in a message to churches asking them to bear false witness.


    However, it IS in the name of Jesus, so it’s all ok….or something.

  • Henry

    @Travis Maguire: Bearing false witness is the Christian thing to do — as Charles taught me under his Jason Rothman line of accounts.

  • Cam

    “”We definitely need attack ads that demonize our already monstrous enemies, but while we have people’s attention, we need to do much more than just call our opponents liars.””

    Frankly it’s about time that they cut through all the B.S. and started calling them liars.

    For too long groups like HRC have been afraid to call people bigots, liars, etc… preferring instead to ramble on with no soundbytes worthwhile for TV.

    Liar, or Bigot, etc… sums up the group nicely.

  • WillBFair

    A perfect example of our weak leadership. You said it, Queerty. They needed to explain why these are lies. That could have been done in a few, quick words. Instead they posted ‘Lies’ and ‘Scare Tactics’ as if saying it makes it so.
    But I have no hope that we’ll ever find competent leaders. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Mainstream queers are so obsessed with looks and muscles, they wouldn’t recognize brains and character if they were prancing down a Paris runway in Chanel.

  • Brian

    EQCA always pulls their punches. Remember, these are the same people who came up with “Unfair and Wrong” — about as hard-hitting as Cool Whip.

  • Jose R.

    I agree with Queert 100%.

    A.) Go in for the kill. These hate mongers call us every name in the book and we need to be certain our ads and pro gay promotional commercials are cut throat and equally call them out on their bigotry, hate and ignorance.

    B.) THEN explain why they are lying. Don’t just call them liars. For example..in the Prop 8 debate, I don’t think our side did a well rnough job of explaining to the Church crowd that gay marriages would not impose on churches being forced to perform gay marriages and the LIE told by the mormon church that pastors/priests/rabis would be taken to jail if they did not perform gay marriages if marriage equality passed in California. Instead, EQCA let them get away with saying that, and made some silly advertisments that never gave a good rebuttal and countered their false lies.

    Clarify the lies they are making and make sure the public knows it’s to their benefit or does not hurt them AT ALL to allow and embrace diversity, equality and rights for all.

  • Pat Duffy

    Our community leaders have always been “Smurfs”. They HATE Confrontation. Back in the 70’s and 80’s(and even 90’s) they would castigate those of us that ACTUALLY put are selves on the line. ‘Course, like Malcom X made it easier for MLK(instead of dealing with me you could be…)they had us; Uppity Queers who DARED to refuse to accept 2nd Class treatment….from ANYBODY, even our “Allies”.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Pat Duffy: You said it. I’m sick of these prissy, pampered, pusillanimous “activists” with their schoolmarmish “violence is not the answer” rhetoric. Do you think we cast off the tyranny of George III by being polite? Did merely wagging fingers and shouting “shame on you” end slavery? Did appeasement work against Hitler? And how do we respond to the likes of the Kraut Breeder Bitch? Glitter bombs! Jesus Motherfucking Christ, we should be modeling ourselves after Genghis Khan, not Rip Taylor!

    God, it seems like everyone in this so-called community who was willing to actually put up a FIGHT for our rights and take them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY died with the first wave of AIDS victims and were replaced by appeasers. This is a WAR, and it’s time we fight it like one. If Stonewall was Pearl Harbor, it’s time for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Davo

    @Queer Supremacist: I’d go along to say if you can get a permit to carry, do it.

  • blob

    SO WTF!

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