Equality Grinch Frank Schubert: Gingrich Is “Stupid” For Acknowledging Gay Marriage

frank schubert Sometimes good men say stupid things, and this is one of those times. Newt Gingrich’s conclusion that gay ‘marriage’ is inevitable is ridiculous. His comments suggest the results of marriage races in Maine, Maryland and Washington, which allowed three deep-blue states to endorse redefining marriage means that it is inevitable.

I wonder if the Speaker also thinks that the Republican Party is doomed and can never again win a national election: After all, marriage performed, on average, 6.6 points better than did the Republican ticket in these very Democratic states.

Gay ‘marriage’ is no more inevitable than is permanent Democratic control of the White House.”

National Organization for Marriage marketing guru and Prop 8 strategist Frank Schubert, addressing Newt Gingrich’s recent comment that marriage equality will be legal in more states by 2014.