Equality Ohio Says “Buh-Bye” To Menacing Executive Director

Equality Ohio executive director Ed Mullen  has announced his resignation after his arrest for disorderly conduct and menacing behavior on June 16.

Responding to a disturbance call, as reported by back2stonewall, police in Columbus, Ohio, intervened in an argument between Mullen and an unknown victim whose property Mullen was on. The former director told authorities, “he was from Chicago and was in town temporarily,” and proceeded to call the victim a “fucking asshole” and warn that “the war was on.”

Officers became exhausted by Mullen’s inadequate answers and took him in for questioning.

Since joining Equality Ohio—an nonprofit dedicated to advancing LGBT rights in the state—in early 2011, Mullen’s time as director has not been without some controversy:  He had initially supported a statewide same-sex-marriage amendment petition, but then pulled his support when other groups declined to back it.

Following the incident last week, his profile was removed from the group’s website and a joint statement wishing him “the very best in all his future endeavors” was posted.

Mullen was later released under court order indicating, “no further acts of violence as a condition of bond” and his trial is set for next week.