Equality Ohio Says “Buh-Bye” To Menacing Executive Director

Equality Ohio executive director Ed Mullen  has announced his resignation after his arrest for disorderly conduct and menacing behavior on June 16.

Responding to a disturbance call, as reported by back2stonewall, police in Columbus, Ohio, intervened in an argument between Mullen and an unknown victim whose property Mullen was on. The former director told authorities, “he was from Chicago and was in town temporarily,” and proceeded to call the victim a “fucking asshole” and warn that “the war was on.”

Officers became exhausted by Mullen’s inadequate answers and took him in for questioning.

Since joining Equality Ohio—an nonprofit dedicated to advancing LGBT rights in the state—in early 2011, Mullen’s time as director has not been without some controversy:  He had initially supported a statewide same-sex-marriage amendment petition, but then pulled his support when other groups declined to back it.

Following the incident last week, his profile was removed from the group’s website and a joint statement wishing him “the very best in all his future endeavors” was posted.

Mullen was later released under court order indicating, “no further acts of violence as a condition of bond” and his trial is set for next week.

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  • Joey Brown

    Good bye Mullen. Hopefully some of the BULLY board members follow his exit!

  • Joey Brown

    Good bye Mullen. Hopefully some of the BULLY board members follow his exit! PAUL FEENEY!

  • NYNiceDude

    meh, who cares. many people make mistakes. MANY leaders of far bigger groups have made far greater mistakes and they were still recognized for their great achievments.

  • Dynex

    I don’t cast a stone on one of our own, especially considering the fantastic work he’s done to help LGBT advance. That’s what he’ll be remembered for by me, and should be by others. And I’ve never even met the guy, bit first salute his commitment to LGBT.

  • ThisNow

    Innocent until proven guilty. No concrete facts out yet, seems pretty minor. Not that big of a deal to me. Hope he recovers from this and contines anything he was doing related to equality. Everyone has moments of lapse judgment. Keep your chin up sir

  • IndieMusicBird

    I agree with everyone else. He’s an ally in the cause and a brother in the community and I’m also one who will come to bat for a fellow troubled gay who may have had too much to drink, or whatever the case may be, everyone trips. His work is more admirable and I admire that far more than any ‘law abiding’ straight homophobe. Congrats to him for helping fight for equal rights.

  • Marlene

    What would you think of him if I told you the rumors he called for letters to be written to *refuse* to sign the FtM petitions?

    I was at the FtM tent at Columbus Pride, and we heard that some EO volunteers were telling folks the petitions they had were the marriage equality petitions when they weren’t, and to stay away from the FtM tent?

  • F Stratford

    Marlene. Your words are meaningless. Without proof.

    Show us the proof!

  • Neo

    What’s with the right wing trolling of this site by Marlene and others, and why is their go to that “X person openly hates Transexuals”, if you read these comments every single person who has ever existed has attacked them openly and publically, especially the people of note in our community.

    It is a weird trend, and there never seems to be any proof for any of them, it is just an accusation from the “kind of plausible enough to just outright believe and just enough to lower their standing”.

    Troublesome trend indeed.

  • Mario

    This isn’t newsworthy to me. Man had an episode, but many people do, and it does not define them, especially considering if they’ve done noble work- which it seems this man has done in his past.

    We have elected officials who cheated on their wives with multiple partners, while denying gay loving couples equality….now there’s a real crime.

  • Tim

    I live in Ohio, and Equality Ohio has refused to support the marriage equality drive that is happening here. They are becoming far too bureaucratic, worrying more about politics and less about achieving true equality.

  • adam

    ohioan here, who got the emails from equality ohio, and who saw ed mullins run a marriage rally and symbolic “i do” ceremony in cleveland earlier this spring. while i thought it odd the man officiating a wedding rally did so in jeans and a gray sweatshirt, i thought mullins did a capable job, and i was surprised to get the unexplained email this week that said equality ohio had accepted his resignation. this is a far-flung, mostly rural, and not terribly politically organized state, and i’m inclined not to hold this one, also unexplained, incident against him. YOU try to get buckeyes on the same page about marriage quality sometime!

  • SteveC

    He looks like a big drunk in that photo

  • Liam McG

    I’ve known Ed for over 20 years. He has always been, and is, a remarkable man who has dedicated his life to fighting for equality for the LGBT community and, previously, for the disabled. Prior to joining Equality Ohio, Ed was co-counsel in a lawsuit that forced the City of Chicago to provide options to the mentally disabled other than forced institutionalization regardless of their ability and desire to live in the community. Those of you who are here to snark and criticize, what have you done lately?

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