Eric Andresen, Dad Of Rejected Eagle Scout, Says Family Is “Disgusted” With BSA

eric andresen ryanAs for [my wife] Karen and me, this is frustrating and disappointing. Karen, like Ryan, is exasperated and disgusted—imagine a collective ‘eye roll’ and our saying, in unison, ‘again?’

I’ve been very involved in the national campaign to encourage BSA to change its policy, so I am seeing a lot of movement and work that’s going on there. But Karen hasn’t seen as much of that and is just tired of it all. I’m going to continue to do this while she helps Ryan focus on being a kid, and continues to be a mom to Ryan and his sisters.”

Eric Andresen, father of Ryan Andresen—an openly gay Boy Scout whose application for an Eagle badge was accepted by his local Boy Scouts council but rejected by the national BSA, in an interview with dot429.