irony is dead

Eric Trump issues “fraud alert” to followers and the responses are exactly what you’d expect

Eric Trump took to Twitter this week to remind everyone he’s the dumb one issue a dramatic “fraud alert” to his 4 million followers. And just like that, irony was declared dead.

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“Fraud Alert,” he wrote. “It has come to our attention that someone is promoting a crypto currency called ‘TrumpCoin’ (Symbol ‘TRUMP’). This has NOTHING to do with our family, we do not authorize the use and we are in no way affiliated with this group. Legal action will be taken.”

But what Eric doesn’t seem to realize is that he’s about six years late to the party. The TrumpCoin token has been circulating on the crypto market since 2016. It was launched in honor of the man who would soon become the one term, twice-impeached 45th President of the United States. Creators billed it as “the #1 Patriot Cryptocurrency.”

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Per TrumpCoin’s website:

The TrumpCoin Patriot loves Freedom, God, Family and feels a sense of pride in contributing to society. They stand up against corruption, support integrity, preserve our individual rights in a free society and respect those flags around the world that represent freedom. We stand firm against leftist groups and intimidation. Patriots have sacrificed their time, energies, careers, families and their lives for the good of all people.

Now, here’s how people have been responding to Eric’s “fraud alert”…

Shall we continue?

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