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Eric Trump just said WHAT about his childhood?!

Eric Trump
Eric Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-S A 2.0)

In a new interview, Eric Trump makes a rather audacious claim. Rather than enjoy a privileged, entitled and pampered childhood, he says his father Donald had him helping construction crews for minimum wage at the age of 11.

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In the interview, which appeared on Rumble, Trump talked about his father’s rise to the Presidency. Talk also turned to memories of his childhood.

Eric says that if he wanted a bike when he was 12, the response he would get would be along the lines of: “Congratulations, you’re going out with construction guys to cut rebar … you’re going to hop on a backhoe, you’re going to dig holes, you’re going to grab a chainsaw, you’re going to clear down trees from a storm, you’re going to do electrical work and plumbing work … we were on job sites. We were 11 years old, paid minimum wage, learning a trade. That was expected.”

This previously unknown glimpse into the childhood of the Trump kids met with disbelief online. And mockery.

Eric, like so many of his father’s supporters, has raged about the FBI searching Mar-a-Lago on Monday. He claims it’s a political witch hunt and a gross overreach of power.

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The FBI has not yet confirmed what it found at the residency, but agents took away 15 boxes of documents. Two government insiders told Newsweek that they believe an informer at Mar-a-Lago directed FBI agents on where to look. They also said the search took place on purpose while Donald Trump was away in New Jersey.

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