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Eric Trump proves there’s nothing lonelier than being the unloved son of a wannabe dictator

Eric Trump is the laughingstock of Twitter this morning after he went on Fox News last night to tout his dad’s “great relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Putin was in with the KGB, he can read people, and he could tell that Donald Trump was a very strong person,” Eric told Sean Hannity when asked about why Putin didn’t invade Ukraine during the Trump administration.

Eric then pointed to his dad’s “perfect” relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“And what did my father say? ‘You know, Kim, you mess around with us, you will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which you have never seen before.’ Right?” he said. “And then a couple months later, they’re shaking hands in North Korea, and the relationship was perfect!”

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When Hannity asked Eric why President Biden hasn’t retaliated against reported Russian threats of using “nukes,” chemical weapons, bioweapons, or cyber warfare, he replied, “Rather than say, ‘We’ll do that to you if you ever dare touch us,’ it just, you know, it seems like Joe gets afraid.”

Eric then claimed his dad would have called up Putin on the phone and said, “‘Vladimir, don’t even think about it!”

Seriously, there’s nothing sadder than the unloved son of a wannabe dictator going on TV to whine about how his pops would’ve handled a phone call with a murderous autocrat.

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In response to Putin’s attack on Ukraine, the US and its NATO allies have imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia and approved billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid to the Eastern European country. They have stopped short, however, of making any military moves that could incite open conflict between NATO and Russia and potentially result in a nuclear war.

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