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Eric Trump ranting about his vast constitutional expertise on Fox News is truly something else

Esteemed legal scholar Eric Trump struggled to maintain his composure when sharing his opinions about New York Attorney General Letitia James’ legal actions against his family on Fox News last night.

James’ has been leading an ongoing civil investigation into potential Trump Organization fraud, including whether the family business lied about the value of its real estate holdings for tax purposes.

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“She ran on the campaign promise of suing my father because she didn’t believe in his political party,” the son of the ex-president, who shares a birthday with the January 6 insurrection, said to Sean Hannity.

Then he went on claim the suit “violates the Constitution.” (Fact check: No, it doesn’t.) From there, he grew increasingly more emotional and irrational.

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“This is what you’d expect from Russia,” he ranted. “This is what you’d expect from Venezuela! This is third-rate stuff!”

Last week, Eric’s two older siblings, Don Jr. and Ivanka, asked a judge to quash subpoenas they had received from James’ office demanding their testimony in the investigation.

The toxic brother-sister duo accused James of having ulterior motives, saying she was trying to get their testimony in the civil case for the sole purpose of handing it over to criminal prosecutors later on.

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“This is a rather transparent gambit,” their lawyers argued. “By attempting to play both sides, Ms. James is in a position to cherry pick her investigatory methods–civil or criminal–in a calculated manner to, for example, leverage a Fifth Amendment assertion and obtain an adverse inference.”

Ivanka and Don Jr. said they “might” (key word: might) consider testifying if they could be guaranteed that no criminal investigation involving them would be launched. Because that is a request only absolutely completely totally 100% innocent people make.

Here’s how people on Twitter are reacting to Eric’s legal temper tantrum last night…

Watch the full segment below. Or don’t.

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