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Eric Trump, who stole from kids with cancer, freaks out over Christmas toys stuck on container ships

It wasn’t that long ago that Eric Trump‘s charity, the Eric Trump Foundation, was busted for funneling donations intended for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital into his family’s golf courses instead. Now, he’s going on Fox News to once again share his concerns for children in America by bitching about their toys being stuck on container ships ahead of Christmas and blaming it all on Joe Biden.

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“My father finally brought a sense of practicality and realism to politics that had never existed before,” Eric whined to Sean Hannity. “You compare that to Joe Biden who, while kids’ Christmas presents are sitting on ships outside the port of L.A. because they can’t get ships into the port of this country … he is over in Glasgow falling asleep at the climate summit. That has to tell you everything you need to know about a politician!”

OK, first, everyone CALM DOWN! Christmas is still a month and a half away. You have plenty of time to buy presents for your loved ones. And if you’re really that concerned, shop locally and none of this will be an issue.

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Second, Joe Biden resting his eyes during a United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow wasn’t a great look for the President, but it has absolutely nothing to do with global supply chain issues.

While this isn’t the dumbest thing Eric Trump has ever said, it might be among the Top 10. Let’s see how people have been responding…

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