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Eric Trump is trending because of Jim Jordan so you know something stupid happened

Eric Trump is trending this morning because of something Jim Jordan tweeted last night, so you know something very stupid must have happened… And it did! It sure did!

Yesterday evening, Jordan tweeted: “Eric Trump: ‘If I did 1/100 of what Hunter Biden did, I’d be in jail.’ He’s not wrong. Americans have had it with the double standard.”

Jordan, who recently won Donald Trump‘s endorsement in his bid for re-election, was quoting an interview Eric gave earlier this week to NDT’s “Capitol Report” about Hunter Biden’s laptop. (Yawn.)

“The mainstream media hasn’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s name in 258 days,” Eric claimed, before going on a tangent about how unfairly he and his family are treated, how the media constantly covers up President Biden and his family’s alleged crimes, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Then came the kicker.

“If I did 1/100 of what Hunter Biden did, I’d be in jail for the rest of my life.”

Later, Eric conflated media coverage with justice, whining, “You don’t have equal scales of justice in this country! You don’t have equal media coverage! The media is the propaganda wing of the left-wing party!”

Here’s how people responded to Gym’s tweet in defense of Eric yesterday…

Last week, Jordan told reporters that if Republicans take back the House in the 2022 midterm elections, they might consider impeaching President Biden, though he couldn’t actually say what the president did that would merit impeachment, only that it was “definitely a discussion we have to have.”