That's so glam

Erm, so this is a new song by Ariana Grande’s gay brother, Frankie. What do you think?

“A rock n’ roll fag / Queen of the rock n’ roll revolution  / I’m an icon, baby / An institution …”

And to think that’s only one excerpt from the lyric sheet to “Queen,” a song by Frankie Grande, Big Brother alum and actual brother to Ariana.

“David Bowie has always been my vocal inspiration ever since I was a child,” he tells Billboard.

“I was singing [sings Bowie’s “Magic Dance“] ‘dance, dance, dance magic dance…’ I just wanted to be David Bowie so badly. I loved his love of make-up and glam. Oh my god, Labyrinth was the anthem to my life.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

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  • Donston

    I’m gonna let him live. But I know better than to press play.

  • Terrycloth

    There”s no real melody..can’t dance to it.
    It’s basically a novelty song…the minute I listened to it was enough.

  • Blackceo

    We are still dealing with Frankie Grande? Ugh!!

  • Evji108

    I DK what to say, I can’t say I found it very interesting. I don’t get the point of all the makeup and glitter and fussing around. Maybe he will find a niche in the gay market, but I doubt it.

  • judysdad

    He turns my stomach. Can’t listen.

  • mhoffman953

    I’m not wasting my time clicking play

    But if he wasn’t Ariana Grande’s brother, he wouldn’t even be getting mentioned anywhere or have 15 minutes of fame

  • cabe

    Although auto-tuned to the hilt, his voice sounds okay. Its just that he always comes across as such a super obnoxious person, I just can’t like this song.

  • Dez

    I feel like it’s a joke…. like wait, is he serious? The narcissistic lyrics, his unremarkable voice and desperation to be a pop star like Ariana is palpable. The song is better if you don’t watch the video, but the song itself is honestly cringeworthy and I don’t say that meaning to be a bitchy gay guy. More power to him but the truth hurts and he shouldn’t quit his day job to try and be a singer.

    How exactly does he get off on calling himself an icon and an institution? He doesn’t even seem to be willing to pay his dues, it’s like he just wants to instantly be an icon like David Bowie.

  • Herman75

    He’s the kind of queer that makes the networks feel safe. Loud, swishy and queeny.

  • Richard 55

    He looks and sounds like tragic fruit.

    • Donston

      I’m assuming you’re also speaking about yourself.

    • SeijnSei

      Tragic fruit. Love it.

      That was easily 4 minutes too long. Its like a music video from every high school kid who wanted to be in the musicals but just…wasnt….good enough. But Mommy and Daddy have money!

  • ggore

    It’s sad, desperate for fame, notoriety and validation in his sister’s shadow. I won’t be clicking on it either.

  • jag4313

    Just because your sister can do it doesn’t mean you can.
    Good try, though.

  • luvit00

    girl please… Hedwig has already been done years ago!

    btw, glitter makeup and highlights do not make you rock and roll

  • toronto

    So sad. Lapping at your sister’s coat-tails to get the scraps of fame.
    This was unwatchable and I feel sorry for anyone who watched it.

  • Josh447

    Overly fagged out.

    Bowie had style.

    “I’m an icon, baby / An institution”=delusional.

    Recommendation – get a life.

  • scotshot

    He sung about paying dues? Those pretty teeth cost his sister some real money.


  • jheryn

    It’s. Just. Bad.

    I pity him trying to be as famous as his sister with none of her talent.

  • Jim

    Frankie = Total Douchebag. He’s used up his boring 15 minutes about 100 times. Go fry fries at McDonald’s, Frankie, we know you’re at least qualified to do that.

  • He BGB

    He and Solange and others riding their sister’s coattails,should form a group.

    • Donston

      Come on now. Comparing this dude to Solange? Whether you like Solange or feel like she’s benefited from her sister (of course she has) isn’t the point. She has a Grammy and a couple acclaimed albums. Give her some credit, especially in comparison to this guy.

  • maxlovesrio

    Can’t stand this a’hole. I have watched every episode of Big Brother except the season that Frankie was on. After a couple of episodes of his season, I couldn’t take any more of him. He is a disgusting human being and gives a bad reflection of our community. An entitled talent-less would-be diva. There is no way I could force myself to watch him in a music video. I feel sorry for his sister having him on her coattails. It must be embarrassing to have him for a brother.

  • Sluggo2007

    It’s safe to assume you won’t see this one hit the Billboard charts anytime soon.

  • basicguy58

    I actually liked it. I’m not naive to think that most artists don’t have their voices autotuned, so there’s that. I don’t watch trash like Big Brother and those that do says something to me about them and why they are watching. People have to make a living and who can fault someone for making an easy buck while also getting a little notoriety? Living in the shadow of a famous sister can’t be easy. He may be obnoxious and effeminate, but there ALOT of queers like that, so what?? Save the hate for the Republicans who would like to see us all dead and in hell! I wish I was half as talented as Frankie, then at least I would have some!

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