That's so glam

Erm, so this is a new song by Ariana Grande’s gay brother, Frankie. What do you think?

“A rock n’ roll fag / Queen of the rock n’ roll revolution  / I’m an icon, baby / An institution …”

And to think that’s only one excerpt from the lyric sheet to “Queen,” a song by Frankie Grande, Big Brother alum and actual brother to Ariana.

“David Bowie has always been my vocal inspiration ever since I was a child,” he tells Billboard.

“I was singing [sings Bowie’s “Magic Dance“] ‘dance, dance, dance magic dance…’ I just wanted to be David Bowie so badly. I loved his love of make-up and glam. Oh my god, Labyrinth was the anthem to my life.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think: