Ernst & Young Shares Name With Gay Underwear Magazine, Confuses Google Image

tumblr_lztclkkuHC1r4mylxo1_1280The bigwigs at London-based multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young thought they struck gold once they decided to embrace the future and truncate the company’s name for what they hoped would be a “strengthened and modernized image.”

The shook each other’s hands and patted their backs as they agreed on the new name “EY”—it’s short, it’s catchy, and it’s sure to catch the eye of a younger generation!

But little did they know, a gay Spanish underwear magazine chock full of barely-clothed boys was already using the name “EY” to catch the eye of a younger generation, and was already dominating the Google Image search page where Ernst & Young—the new “EY”—will now live. Whoops!

People now searching for images of the new “EY” on Google (below) are treated to an Ernst & Young logo, some boys sucking lollipops, another grabbing his crotch, one with no clothing at all, and oh, a handsome shirtless lad enjoying a cigarette on the couch. Tres professionale!

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6.36.49 PM

But the mishap is no big deal for Ernst & Young, a firm and longtime supporter of LGBT rights. A spokeswoman for the company told Gay Star News that they were aware of the gayness running amok on their Google search page, and said “it will be apparent to individuals looking for EY, the professional services organization, that the images are not related to us.”

She continued:

“People are aware of how search engines on the internet work and, as the imagery for our new brand becomes more established in the market place, it will be easier for internet browsers to find the images they are looking for.”

Yes, but how do they feel about sabotaging the beautiful Spaniards living on the “EY” Google image page? One may never know…