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Escort Rusty McMann: Closing Craigslist’s Adult Services Isn’t A Win For Morality, Just ‘White Male Christians’

If you aren’t BFFs with an escort, or a sex worker yourself, perhaps you don’t have much of a personal tie to Craigslist’s decision to shut down (or, “censor”) its adult services listings. But take it from a real life companion-for-hire: The move is a shitty one.

Rusty McMann, a Las Vegas escort who says he “gets almost all of his income providing time and companionship to consenting adults from around the world,” and who received 75 percent of his business through Craigslist, is among those whose very livelihoods are threatened by the move. As he writes in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed:

Do I think the world owes me a safe place to peddle my societally frowned upon if technically legal wares? Absolutely not.

Am I sick to death of heterosexual white male “Christians” making political hay off the backs of consenting adults who have made difficult choices with their eyes wide open, while leaving people these politicians have professed to help twisting in the wind? Damn skippy!

And I want to be clear: I hold those responsible for the sexual exploitation of children in the deepest contempt. If it were up to me, the pimps and johns who perpetrate these crimes would be fed alive to wild boars. This is exactly why this whole circus is so repulsive: It legitimizes the supposed moral superiority of these politicians to not-very-discerning voters while doing nothing to help catch the real bad guys.

But maybe Craigslist’s decision could benefit him?

Without Craigslist, I might actually have an easier time of finding the right venue to market my services. Over the past few years, as Craigslist has given in to these loudmouths, it has become increasingly more difficult (and expensive) to post ads for adult services. I and many of my colleagues would have left Craigslist a long time ago except for one thing: It’s where the customers were.

No matter how many other places I advertised, Craigslist remained the source of the majority of my clientele. So the big question is: Where are the clients going to go now? And if that’s what we pros are asking ourselves, what do you think is going through the minds at the FBI? Is it possible that one of their best resources for tracking the scum of the Earth was just taken from them?

Part of what made Craigslist so onerous for advertisers was the fact that every single adult services posting was screened – Craigslist claims by an attorney – for content. Ads were frequently rejected with no explanation. There was virtually no feedback, presumably because Craigslist didn’t want to be accused of “helping prostitutes.”

I’d point Rusty, then, to this handy Gawker guide to other places to buy (and, thus sell) sex on the web. I’d also suggest Rusty work on his rate: He charges just $150/hour, and while Vegas might be the land of opportunity for johns, that seems a little bit … discount.

[SF Chron,, via Petrelis]

Sensual Massages, Companionship No Longer Among Craigslist’s Services

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    Silly me, I thought “White Male Christians” one of the escort businesses largest clientele………. :p

  • Rick Brannon

    There are two types of redheads: Hot – Prince Harry, Gillian Anderson and Seth Green and Not: Carrot Top, Danny Bonaduce.

    This guy falls in the latter category.

  • Petraeous

    He should try Wasilla. They might like the ginger lumberjack type.

  • Richard

    I don’t pay for sex, but he looks worth every penny.

  • Fitz

    @Rick Brannon: Good. Live the stereotype and reduce every conversation to a discussion about who you think is sexy. Great work.

  • Sug Night

    @Rick Brannon: Hey, bonehead, you completely missed the point.

  • Jeffree

    Republicans use more escort services than do Democrats, or so claimed an article in one of the dead-tree publications during the DNC and RNC conventions leading up to the last presidential race. They interviewed various services & individual escorts as well.

    I tried to find a citation online, & will keep trying after class, but the escort services were flooded with requests for outcalls during the RNC convention, and underwhelmed during the DNC one.

    Conclusions might be that Republicans preferred to rent sex, and Dems went out on their own to find it. Reps need privacy for their escapades, Dems just hook up.[This isn’t just a question of gays; str8 men need some lovin’ too]

    That which we repress [sex drive] tends to become irrepressible at some point. That right-wing fundies try to shut down an outlet for consenting adults to find sex partners says to me that they’re trying to suppress their own “dark side” but we all know that doesn’t work very well: Haggard, Rekers, Spitzer, about a half dozen preachers, etc.

    Mr. McCann certainly is articulate and I most of all appreciated his comments on the scourge of trafficking.

    I still wonder if Craigslist is making a political statement by putting CENSORED (or is it another word?) over the category instead of simply removing it forever, as if it was never there at all!

  • Hamish

    @Fitz: Pull the stick out of your ass and relax a bit. His post was actually pretty funny–you know? humor?…that thing where people enjoy life and can laugh at serious things sometimes.

  • slobone

    This guy is woof!

  • slobone

    And PS there are a gazillion pictures of Rusty McMann on Google Images. Definitely not for guys who are into twinks, but he gave me a boing boing…

  • UMB

    He’s not even good looking for a bear, and I like bears!

    Makes me wonder how much I could make “escorting.”

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Rick Brannon:

    He’s not my type, but to compare the guy to Danny Bonaduce and friggin’ Carrot Top? That’s low, even for Queerty.

    If I had a viking fetish I’d be in love. Still, I’m impressed that he can last that long in the cold in a jock strap and not (literally) freeze his balls off.

    As someone who gets hit on by drunk girls and creepy fat guys, I see a business opportunity…

  • Samuel

    For a couple of hours worth of earnings, he could hire a web guy to build his very own site. Of course, from there, he’d need to market, which does require effort (work) so, maybe not.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @Rick Brannon: I thought this was funny as fucking shit.

    Ginger looking dudes should never wear the new John Boehner Jock Strap.

  • Rusty McMann

    @Rick Brannon: what exactly WAS the point, darling?

  • BlogShag

    Gee, the last time I checked prostitution is legal in only certain districts in Nevada. And don’t tell me that escorts don’t have sex with their clients. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

  • Klarth

    @Samuel: you know, that is a good point. and if he happened to use the site to hook up with site members for some green on the side, I suppose he’d be free to do so. Just have the site officially hosted in some other country? would that work? IDK.

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