ESPN Has The Scoop On Michael Sam’s Locker Room Shower Habits

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.48.27 PMESPN appears to have the exclusive answer to a huge sports question the public is just dying to know: Does Michael Sam shower with the rest of his team?

We already know how well Michael is adjusting to the role of sports star, but how is he getting along with his teammates? You know, considering the whole gay thing.

Well thank god ESPN is around to ask the tough questions. Like whether or not Michael Sam waits to take a shower alone as to not make the team uncomfortable. Don’t make us send Daniel Radcliffe in there to give the team diversity training, because you know we will.

Of course the reporter is quick to point out that he could be waiting to rinse off for “a million different reasons,” like hanging back to get more practice time or “riding his bike.”

It’s nice to know that professional locker rooms filled with million-dollar athletes operate just like 9th grade P.E.

Here’s the groundbreaking report: