ESPN Reporter Shuts Down Fan’s Antigay Slur On Live TV

This woman deserves a trophy or a cocktail — her choice.

Brazilian ESPN reporter Gabriela Moreira was filming a live interview segment with a Palmeiras fan recently when the fan tossed out a homophobic slur.


When asked what he felt the other team’s chances were, Philippe, 25, responded that he expected the Palmeiras to “beat the fags.”

That’s when Moreira pulled out this face, clearly having none of it:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.25.21 AM

Then she replied: “Boy, I don’t know if you will win – but no to homophobia. How old are you? 25? Please…let’s try to…modernize this thought.”

In the studio, presenter John Carlos backed up Moreira, saying of the interviewee: “poor thing, the boy is misguided” and made a note that this “still happens a lot in Brazil and around the world.”

She later said on Twitter that she behaved “in a natural way, according to what I believe professionally. I reacted because I believe that the press can not be a vehicle of any kind of prejudice.”

Here’s the full clip:

h/t Buzzfeed