Esquire Still Wondering About Donnie Davies

We’re not sure if Esquire‘s living in a time warp or if they’re just really out of the loop, but they’re running a piece in which they try to get to the bottom of the Donnie Davies mystery. Of course, loyal readers know that the God Hates Fags songster’s been revealed as Joey Oglesby.

Despite the facts, Esquire cant help but rehash the issue and reveal their sources:

Esquire: Wikipedia says you’re a fake. Are you for real?

Donnie Davies: We’ve read that at a lot. It’s funny. I was originally linked to an actor named Todd Quillen and a musician named Colby Stark and now a Dallas actor named Joey Oglesby. I don’t know if this thing would have been as big a deal if people weren’t trying to figure out if Donnie Davies is real.

While Esquire‘s wrapped up in a month-old mystery, they do dig up a bit of a new one: what the hell’s the ‘s’ in the Davies-endorsed group CHOPS (Changing Homosexuals Into Ordinary People) stand for? Davies ain’t talking, but apparently all will be revealed in an upcoming video, coming soon to the internet near you!