Obama Ain't The Only One With Anti-Gay Allies

Et Tu, Hillary?

Barack Obama isn’t the only Democratic candidate who should be called out for his anti-gay associates. As Paul Jenkins points out Hillary Clinton has also taken up with some queer bedfellows, including Reverend Harold Mayberry.

In this game, all candidates have been associated with homophobes. For instance, Hillary Clinton recently trumpeted her friendship with Harold Mayberry, of the First African Methodist Church in Oakland; her press release on the meeting/endorsement left out the fact that Mayberry believes homosexuality to be comparable to thievery.

It’s true, the Oakland-based Methodist, once said, “I’m not rejecting people. As God loves, we love. I don’t reject thieves, I reject thievery.” Too bad Clinton didn’t reject Mayberry’s endorsement.

Jenkins also takes on the Democrats’ backward sense of federalism, “Democrats can’t get enough of the federal government regulating every aspect of our lives, except on the one issue of same-sex marriage.”

And, he says, all of the major candidates’ marriage platforms reek of homophobia.

More bluntly, the leading Democratic candidates’ stance on same-sex marriage is in itself homophobic, although I don’t completely blame Clinton, Obama or John Edwards (actually, him I do blame for being a coward and trying to have it both ways by hiding behind both his faith and his wife). They are making a political calculation, and it is their right to do so; it is for the rest of us to show that calculation to be increasingly flawed.

Now poor Jenkins will have to forever live with the smell of dirty politics. Shame…