Ethics Committee Slams Larry Craig

Larry Craig just got the pummeling he’s always wanted!

The Senate’s Ethic Committee told the Idaho Senator this afternoon that he acted “unethically” and “brought discredit to the Senate,” according to the AP. The committee, which is led by Democrat Barbara Boxer, – also wrote that Craig knew exactly what he was doing in that bathroom and attempted to misuse his position to sway the arresting officer:

The six members of the committee — three Democrats and three Republicans — told Craig they believed he “committed the offense to which you pled guilty” and that “you entered your plea knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently.”

The panel also admonished Craig for showing the arresting officer a business card that identified him as a U.S. senator. Craig has been reported to have told the officer at the time, “What do you think about that?”

The committee wrote, “You knew or should have known that a reasonable person in the position of the arresting officer could view your action and statement as an improper attempt by you to use your position and status … to receive special and favorable treatment.”

Despite their conclusion, Boxer and her colleagues did not recommend any further action against the politico. They must have taken pity on the man, who will not be running for reelection and whose legacy will forever be tarnished by his bathroom antics.

What’s more, now everyone knows his trollish ways and he’ll never again be able to cruise with shameful confidence. Poor thing.

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  • ProfessorVP

    This punishment, and I use the term loosely, is as far as the Senate will go, for one reason only: Larry’s got the goods. He knows who’s who, who does what, with what, with whom, where and when. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, for starters. The whole sham of an Ethics Hearing and subsequent decision was like the Clintons’ honeymoon. Get it over with, and don’t look back.

  • hisurfer

    CNN had the best headline: “Senate to Sen. Craig: You discredited the chamber.” The Chamber was my grandfather’s slang for the bathroom, though I’m not sure if CNN intended the pun.

  • John

    Some people are indeed shameless in their hypocrisy.

    I think he’s being extremely selfish.

    Don’t the people of Idaho deserve better, even if it is just a year left in his term?

  • emb

    Considering that the people of Idaho elected this guy in the past, in full knowledge of his vile hatefulness if not his hypocrisy, I’d say No, they have exactly what they deserve.

  • dvlaries

    Idaho is the state Mark Furhman ran to and was welcomed when his perjury helped torpedo the Simpson criminal trial. Idaho can keep him and Craig both. Mrs. Craig is the one who fascinates me, not Larry, he’s simple. What’s the level of creature comfort that makes it worth it to sign on for life-long denial? What do you tell yourself when he repeatedly comes home with the smell of other men on him…?

  • todd

    What does pursed-lips Larry have on these people that he’s allowed to fester like an open sore on the face of the Senate? I’m surprised he hasn’t gone down in a small plane accident…

  • Charley

    Yes, the people of Idaho deserve better and I think they know it. Huge turnouts 15,000 to hear Obama in Boise. Many young voters in Idaho. They may surprise everyone and be a “blue state” in the next election.

  • mypicst

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