Promotes Film Industry With Fucking Climactic Collage!

EU Gets Racy With New Campaign

The European Union loves European filmmakers.

They love them so much, in fact, the communications commission spliced together this sexy bit of continental self-promotion, which includes 18 couples – include a gay duo – getting down and dirty.

The commission’s message get even more cheeky after the collective climax, when the screen reads, “Let’s come together”.

You may laugh, but trust that Poland ain’t pleased. The anti-gay nation’s MEP Maciej Giertych accused the EU of using “immoral methods” to promote the continent’s movie industry.

The UK’s Independent Party MEP Godfrey Bloom had a more measured, and amusing, response, “I suppose this film is appropriate. The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years.” We hope the EU used a condom, you know how those British boys can be…

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