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‘Euphoria’s’ Hunter Schafer livestreams transphobic bouncer and now he’s looking for a new job

Hunter Schafer isn’t here for anyone’s transphobic nonsense.

The 23-year-old star of HBO’s hit series Euphoria was in Düsseldorf, Germany over the weekend, where a night on the town quickly soured after her assistant was allegedly denied entrance to a club because she’s trans.

Schafter, who is also trans, took to Instagram Live to call out the bouncer’s discrimination and urge others not to patronize the venue — Silq nightclub.

“[You] said my friend could not come in because she’s trans,” Schafer told the bouncer. “You’re on live with 7 million people by the way,” she added, referring to her massive Instagram following.

“It’s not safe for transgender people,” she also said.

At one point, a fan approached Schafer to offer a compliment and ask for a photo. “Thank you. I’m actually really upset at this place right now,” Schafer responded, briefly explaining what had gone down.

The fan said they’d take their business elsewhere.

“F*** Silq,” Schafer said before signing off. “Internet, do what you do. Take them out.” And it appears her tactics yielded results.

Silq responded with an apology, explaining that the bouncer had been fired as a result of the incident.

“Electronic music is love and not hate,” the venue posted, tagging Schafer. “Anyone who does not respect the principles of electronic music has no place in our colorful world. We apologize at this point to Hunter Schafer and your company for the misunderstanding at our door in the night from Saturday to Sunday. This kind of thing has no place in our world and simply must not happen. We hereby expressly distance ourselves from any form of discrimination. After a conversation with the corresponding security employee, he was kicked out today. We, the Silq are and remain a LGBT friendly club and look forward to many more great nights with you.”


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